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About the Low Budget Vegetarian Survival website

Th purpose of this site is to provide information to help people learn how to shop for, cook and eat, a healthy, economical and balanced diet, based on good quality grains, beans, and vegetables.

Most of the vegetarian cooking sites I have found on the Web seem to concentrate on replacing or trying to duplicate animal-based dishes. I am a lot more interested in preparing vegetables, grains and beans as themselves. I draw heavily on other world cuisines that have highly developed vegetarian cooking.

Also, most other sites I have seen rely heavily on processed vegetable-based foods - soy proteins and derivatives, frozen and dried convenience foods and such. The recipes here concentrate on using whole, unprocessed, natural ingredients. Along with tasting better and being more nutritious, it is much more economical.

Here's what you can find on the site.

The Articles page has several informational articles on different aspects of whole foods vegetarian cooking, including basic information on cooking rice, and making beans easy to digest. You can also view previous issues of our Newsletter here.

The Recipes page has simple and flexible recipes, by category, to help you get started coming up with your own.

Currently, the Links and Cookbooks page mainly has links to online sources for some ingredients you might have a hard time finding, depending on your locale. The second half of the page is a list of recommended cookbooks.

If you go to the Free Cookbook page, you can download a free pdf copy of the first cookbook I wrote, How to Survive as a Low Budget Vegetarian.

A little bit about me.

I have been cooking mostly or completely vegetarian for somewhere over 20 years by now. Along the way, I have picked up cooking techniques and ideas from a lot of different places. They include Indian, Middle Eastern, Italian and Asian foods, and macrobiotic cooking.

I am primarily motivated by wanting to get the word out about just how easy, economical and tasty low-budget vegetarian cooking can be. I think it is good for our physical and spiritual health, good for the economy, and good for the planet.