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Vegetarian and Vegan Web Sites

Vegan Cooking - Lose the Eggs, Milk and Butter. If you like the taste and texture of dairy, this site has ideas for vegan replacements.

Simple Vegan Recipes. Vegan recipes that are easy to follow, tasty and healthy. They also have a cookbook available for purchase.

VegOnline.org. We strive to provide our readers with insightful and practical information regarding all things vegetarian, from recipes to lifestyle to nutrition.

VegWeb - Over 6,000 vegan recipes. Recipes, products, coupons, links to other vegetarian pages. Also has Vegetarian Personals.

Vegetarian Resource Group. Extensive information on vegetarian and vegan cooking and lifestyles, incl. recipes, nutrition info, guides on traveling and more.

VegPeace.org . Subtitled, "Raw Food Recipes, Vegan Nutrition, Nonviolence". If you're interested in raw vegetables and grains as a significant part of your diet, this site is worth checking out. It has nutritional information, recipes, and strong arguments for a non-violent philosophy for being vegetarian.

Natural and Organic Foods

Spices and Chiles

Foods from Other Cultures

Vegetarian Friendly Sites and Other Resources

Top 50 Food Security Blogs.. This page has links to blogs covering food regulations, policies, world hunger, and overall issues that our food laws are faced with. Worth checking out if you like to be aware of the quality of the food you are buying and eating.

EFFA (Equal Footing for Animals). EFFA is an organization/philosophy that promotes the good treatment of animals and vegetarianism.

Animalific.com. Animalific.com is a portal with videos that raise awareness about the mistreatment of animals all around the world, as well as videos that promote love and compassion towards animals.

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Recommended Cookbooks

Thse are sorted in roughly the order I recommend them, with the most essential at the top.