Vegetarian Chorizo (Mexican Sausage) with TVP

TVP, or Textured Vegetable Protein, is very bland, and lends itself to marinating in a spice mix. Properly cooked, it has a texture similar to ground beef.

This is a flavorful substitute for the Mexican hot pork sausage. It works well with vegetables and rice. It also works well with scrambled eggs or tofu.

I like to grind my own chilis for best flavor. If you want, you can substitute ground chilis or chili powder.

Reconstitute the TVP with boiling water to cover, let sit, then squeeze out excess water.

Grind all the dry spices (I use a coffee grinder dedicated to spices). Thoroughly mix the TVP with the spices and other ingredients. Marinate refrigerated at least a few hours - overnight is better.

Use the TVP chorizo as a meat substitute in vegetable or rice dishes. For best flavor, add the TVP near the beginning of sauteing, so that is has a chance to slowly cook in oil for a bit.