Eritrean Buttery Greens (Hamly)

This way of serving greens has a rich, smooth, buttery taste. Traditionally this is eaten scooped up with Injera, the African flat sourdough flatbread, but it works equally well with rice.

I have made this recipe mildly spiced. You can add cayenne or other hot red pepper to make it as spicy as you want; the other spices work well that way.

Cook the greens in boiling salted water until tender, around 15-30 minutes. Drain.

Separately saute the garlic, onion and other vegetables and spices in the oil and butter mix. When the onions and bell peppers are soft, add the cooked drained greens. Stir, adjust seasonings, serve.

Variation - Add chopped mushrooms in with the sauteed vegetables.