Pinto Chili Dip

This is the only bean dip I have ever made, that got 3 requests for the recipe when I brought it to a party.

The flavor comes from ground chilis, ethiopian spices, and a bit of tomato paste. As always with chilis, make this one at least a half-day in advance to let the chili taste mature.

I used guajillo chilis. New mexico chilis work well also. If you want it hotter, you can use small asian dried chilis, or leave in the seeds.

Grind the first group of ingredients - I use a coffee grinder dedicated to spices. Add them to your mixing bowl, along with the oil and second group of ingredients. Stir and let sit a bit.

Add the mashed beans, vegetables and tomato paste. Stir and adjust seasoning. You may need to tweak salt and sour after it sits awhile.