Soybean Hummus

This is a variation on the popular Middle Eastern dip, using soybeans instead of chickpeas. I find it very creamy, rich and satisfying.

Pureed soybeans are very smooth, rich and bland. They don't have the sweet nuttiness of chickpeas, so I make the seasonings a bit sharper, using more lemon.

Be sure to try a couple of the variants with added ingredients - the bitter saltiness of olives works especially well. You can try other ingredients also - I imagine that capers would be good, although I haven't tried it.

optional ingredients to chop up and add

Boil the drained beans for about 10 minutes, then cook the beans in water with a little oil until tender (90 min in a pressure cooker, about 3 hours stovetop.) When tender, add salt to the cooking water, stir and let sit 5 minutes.

Puree the soybeans while still warm with all other ingredients except the tahini and chopped vegetables, using just enough of the cooking liquid to get a smooth puree. Depending on the amount of lemon juice and oil you use, you may not need any additional liquid. Adjust the ingredients to taste, and stir in a bowl with the tahini when you have the garlic amount you want pureed in. Add any optional ingredients. Refrigerate at least an hour for the flavors to combine before serving.