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Whole Foods Recipes - Meat and Dairy Free

Here are some simple recipes, by category, to help get you started with whole foods vegetarian cooking.

As much as possible, the recipes use simple unprocessed ingredients. They do not use prepared sauces, spice mixes, dressings or broths.

Be sure to see our new section, Special Menu Plans. The recipes in that section are from a generous and creative cook from Australia, and there are some good ideas for entertaining, and cooking for children.

Grain based dishes

Be sure to check out the Basic Rice and Vegetable Recipe Pattern for more ideas.

Bean Stews and Dals

If you are new to cooking beans, please see our article on Making Beans Easy to Digest to help get you started.

Vegetable dishes


Dips and Sauces

Sandwich Spreads, Other Stuff

Soups (not bean based)

Sea Vegetables

Special Menu Plans

Please note that a few of the recipes in this section do use some feta cheese and yogurt, and one of them calls for milk 'or an alternative'. They are not generally diary-heavy so I think they are worth including here.

For more recipes and information about vegetarian cooking, please see the Free Cookbook we offer.